Red Berries

Good morning!

Here is my breakfast on this Monday morning:

Coffee, Multivitamin, Yogurt with raspberries and flax.

I love me some berries 🙂 I’ve been buying Wyman’s frozen raspberries and blueberries a lot lately.

I eat them up all the time in yogurt, oats, cereal, and even ice cream. Sometimes I even eat just raspberries and flax. The flax really thickens the raspberry juice and it is so yummy!

It says on the website that they will soon be selling dried blueberries.  I can’t wait to try them.

What is your favorite berry?

I’m not sure anything can beat fresh blackberries in the summertime.


About biteandtaste

I'm an eighteen year old free spirit who love to eat, sweat, and make others smile :)
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3 Responses to Red Berries

  1. Jess says:

    blueberries, easy!

  2. Cait says:

    my fav berry is raspberry

  3. Blackberries are my fave too! With raspberries a close 2nd. I do love love love dried blueberries though in oats.

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