Already Behind…

Oh my, I’m already getting behind on blogging!

School has been so darn stressful this week. For some reason I’m having a harder time getting work done this semester when I’m only taking 12 credits than last semester when I was taking 18+. I say more than 18 because I added another class the second half.

Anyway…this week my BFF, Emma is home for spring break. That honestly sucks for her because the whether here SUCKS. But it’s awesome for me because I miss my friends so so so much.

This is my BFF Emma. Haha-this picture is so cute.


Haha, if you don’t understand that picture- we realized that it looked like something was on top of the sheet above us which looks completely ridiculous.

SO…tomorrow Emma and I are getting sushi and froyo at Plum Dandy in Saratoga. This will be my first time having froyo and I am super excited!

How do you stay in touch with friends that are far away?

What flavors or toppings do you recommend I try with froyo?


About biteandtaste

I'm an eighteen year old free spirit who love to eat, sweat, and make others smile :)
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One Response to Already Behind…

  1. Jess says:

    I stay in touch through texting and facebook!

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