Boost Your Self Image

I just read this article from Fitness Magazine.

I have read so many articles from various sources about self-image and self-confidence. Everyone knows that self-confidence can do a woman good. It exudes positive feelings and makes a woman look and feel attractive, approachable, and must be really extreme to turn someone away.

I feel like many times when girls don’t like the popular, good looking girls (think high school) it is resentment. What do they have that you don’t? The number one answer is confidence. It is almost impossible to have a good amount of self-confidence and self-worth with a negative body image.

This article says:

Those that struggle with a negative body image find that it impacts everything they do. After they wake up, they’re not thinking about the present, they’re thinking about when they will exercise, what they’ll eat throughout the day, what they’ll wear and how they’ll look.

I have struggled with that many times. The most serious case lasted about a month this fall. I had no life: I woke up, went to school, came home, worked out, slept. Why? I needed a schedule that allowed me to think about food and exercise constantly. I thought I was being healthy. WHAT!?

The article states these tips to boost body image:

  • Ditch all-or-nothing diet and exercise plans. Create a lifestyle that integrates moderation, healthy eating and regular exercise in a way that you can stick with long-term.
  • Surround yourself with accepting people—it will be easier to accept yourself. And make friends who are healthy themselves. It will be easier to maintain your healthy lifestyle if your pal wants to grab a salad and take a walk than if she prefers to pick up a burger and veg on the couch.
  • Treat yourself to a new haircut, paint your nails or pick out a new outfit that highlights your best features. You’ll shift the focus to the parts of yourself that you do like, and the pampering will improve your mood.
  • Shine a spotlight on your other traits and skills. Are you smart? Funny? A great parent, friend or sister? You shouldn’t just be defined by your exterior.
  • Plan to be the best you today, rather than waiting to enjoy life at the time that you look “better.”

I loved these tips. I would say that I have a decent body image. I know that I am beautiful. I know that my body rocks. However, I do feel like I could look better, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes I look in the mirror and I will catch myself thinking of things that I want to change drastically.

There will always be room for improvement, but I will always be beautiful inside and out-no matter what-even if some don’t see what most do.


About biteandtaste

I'm an eighteen year old free spirit who love to eat, sweat, and make others smile :)
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One Response to Boost Your Self Image

  1. Jess says:

    I struggle with this a LOT, but this is a great post! I definitely relate to a lot of it.

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